Old, Way Old.

This blog is old. Like way old. Older than your grandpa. Go and look at new things here.


I’ve not been dead, just Hunt-housing

I spent a fair portion of my summer trying to find somewhere to live for the next degree in Cambridge – Which is more murderous a struggle than it sounds… The crazy time spent trekking back and forth worked out, and I lucked out on finding a place with two other course illustrators (The impeccable Jin Cho Youn, and the tirelessly energetic Courtney Dicmas) who were searching from abroad. Here’s some work out of summer projects – Some of which pertains to Camél Moineau and his misbehaving shadow.

(I’ve been slowly transitioning into Corel Painter- it definitely streamlines the colouring process into a swift matter of hours)

Another (wip)

I usually like to have six or seven things in varying states of messiness on the go at once – expect a few more in the next day or so – this is a page from a mini-book I started making to learn about printing and such.


Bug prince (wip)

This started as part of my entry to the Waterstone’s beauty and the beast pitch, but went off in a slightly different direction – not at all finished with it yet, but I wanted to start posting some more recent stuff- more shortly!

The general idea is that the spiny creature moves the bigger shell by passing through the gears : )

Up and Running!

Our opening night was brilliant fun, but if you haven’t had the chance to see our degree show yet, come on down! It’s on until the end of the week in the Morgan Arcade.

Also here’s a drawing from Timbuctales that won’t be at either our main show or the Howard Gardens opening.

Our Show has nearly landed!

At the moment I’m scrambling along with my classmates to get everything finished and ready for our degree show in a week or so. It’s quite exciting actually – what with all the little features and mentions all over the place! Some details on that here. In the meantime, here’s a Timbuctales page I’m just getting round to working up.